How to Fix Termination Ban in BGMI?

Fix BGMI Termination ban

Do you get a 10-minute ban in BGMI? Then you have come to the right place to find out the answer. Termination bans are short-term bans in BGMI. If you want to avoid the termination ban in BGMI, check out our complete guide.

BGMI Termination Ban Notices

You’ll get different types of ban notices in BGMI. Here we’ll discuss all kinds of ban notices and solutions:

We have Terminated your Connection

There are two causes for this problem. If the player’s DNS servers cannot connect to the game’s servers, or if the user switches networks or changes the time on the device while playing the game.

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Please Download the BGMI Client Again

An error notice will show up if you’re using a modified version of the BGMI app. Hence to solve the BGMI termination ban download the BGMI from Google Play Store and App Store.

3rd Party Apps and Plugins are not Allowed

Using 3rd Party apps and Plugins like Virtual and Game Guardian can also give you a Termination ban. Hence, use anti-detection third-party tools to prevent a BGMI termination ban.

Abnormalities Detect in Your Client

Insecure Scripts and Brutal Cheats can be dangerous. BGMI Ban Pan System is constantly monitoring your activity, so please do not use any type of cheats.

BGMI Brutal Hacks: Flash, Bullet Track, High Jump etc.

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Any Changes in Client Data File

Such notice will appear if you utilise a changed data file or cheat configuration files. Therefore, you should not use the BGMI Mod data files.

Please do not repeat such actions as they can result in a 10 year ban.

BGMI Termination Ban Solutions

  1. Tampering Game Data
  2. Use of Third-Party Tools
  3. Manipulate Servers and Clients to improve Gameplay
  4. Killing Team Members
  5. Exploit the Game Vulnerabilities

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Conclusion: BGMI Termination Ban

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