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Top 5 Best Tools to check Plagiarism

Plagiarism Checker Tools

We have several tools that can detect plagiarism in content. You can find here the top 5 best free plagiarism checker tools.

Plagiarism content is very harmful to your website and also affects website SEO. It is also illegal. Check out the top 5 best websites to check for plagiarism below to prevent plagiarism!



We have lots of tools that can help us in Plagiarism detection. Copyscape is one of them. It is a freemium plagiarism detection tool.

The free version has some limitations. In addition, The paid version allows you to check 1,00,000 words for 9.99$.

The company began providing plagiarism detection services to bloggers in 2004.



Quetext is a freemium tool. It is a #1 plagiarism checker. The free version of this tool allows you to scan up to 2,500 words. In addition, you can buy the paid version to check 1,00,000 words for 9.99$.

Quetext has a vast, searchable database of 20 million books, 35 billion web pages, and over 1 million academic journals, the software can detect plagiarism and duplicate content with as much precision as possible.

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There are a lot of content checker tools on the web, such as Grammarly. Grammarly can help you improve your vocabulary, improve the structure of your sentences, and most importantly, correct embarrassing grammatical errors in your content.

Grammarly checks content for plagiarism as well. It is the best plagiarism checker tool. In addition, it also scans hard copies, such as books and publications.

Well, Grammarly is a great tool to improve your writing and check for plagiarism. Therefore, I recommend Grammarly Pro to my website visitors.

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Small SEO Tools


The Small SEO Tools website has a large collection of tools. One of them is the plagiarism checker. In our opinion, it is one of the best free plagiarism detection tools. It allows you to scan 1,000 words at once. You can compare your plagiarized content. Additionally, you can download the report.



Duplichecker is a freemium plagiarism checker tool. It is similar to SmallSeoTools. In the free version, you can check up to 1,000 words. But it’s not accurate sometimes. You can check plagiarism by URL or by uploading a file with formats like .txt, .doc, .docx, and .pdf. Additionally, it supports multi-language. If you don’t want to spend lots of money then you can use this tool.

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Lots of websites provide plagiarism checker services. Above are the top 5 best free plagiarism checker tools. With the help of these sites, you don’t have to compare your content manually.

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What is Plagiarism?

Using someone else’s content without their consent is plagiarism.